2019 Brand Video Trends Part 1: Real Voices

Industry leaders share their views on current brand film trends.


Brand film is often at the leading edge of innovation, creativity and imaginative solutions. The field changes at a rapid pace and comms professionals can be forgiven if they struggle to keep up with 2019 brand video trends.

We asked industry leaders what we should be looking out, and the results were diverse and more than a little encouraging.

After speaking to a host of brand film producers, in-house communicators and agency heads, what rose to the top of the pile of trends was the focus on qualitycreativity and increased output – all good news for the brand film sector.

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Quality beats budget

Phil Doherty, Director, Kinamo Films

There is a growing understanding that video is not a commodity to be procured at the lowest price possible if brands want a high level of engagement from their audience. A video commissioned under extreme price pressure can never be creative or innovative, as those who create it are hampered by the need to keep costs as low as possible.

Clients are accepting that although anyone can produce a video, producing a great video is much, much more difficult. It requires creativity, originality and experience. With that comes a financial implication but one that is so, so worth it to them.

Comms professionals get peer praise for producing a creative video, not for a cheap video! Or as the great Billy Wilder put it, ‘Nobody ever said to his wife, “Honey, let’s go and see this movie, the director brought it in under budget.’


Richard Thomson, Managing Director, Kaptcha TV

Brands want films that are genuine – with realpeople telling real stories. We work a lot with the finance, tech and cyber security sectors where there isn’t a physical product to show. Getting your own people or customers on film is a great way for brands to bring their purpose and personality to life. 

But it’s moved on from simple talking heads. Short editorially strong films are on trend – mini documentaries. And brands are investing more time into contributor research, finding those who have a great story to tell and telling it with passion.

Data will drive business results from video

Duncan Burbidge, CEO and Co-founder, StreamAMG

With digital video now available virtually anywhere and on any device, the emphasis is shifting to using the data it generates for a business purpose.

Data integration and automation might sound complicated, but understanding what data reveals about the audience is the key to using video successfully. There’s been big progress in making sense of data by integrating with tools like Google Analytics. It’s now realistic for brands to know what it can do for them with relative ease.

Five years ago we had to persuade brands that video could work brilliantly on smartphones. Five years from now, we will look back and reflect on how little we used data to get the business results that video can deliver.

Comms strategy gets daring

Adam Neale, Managing Director, Bold Content

2019 is the year of bold and daring strategies – especially in how businesses use  documentaries.

In order to grab attention, brands need to try something different. The exciting thing about brand documentaries is the many different forms they can take. There’s huge potential to tell great stories and the potential for positive PR, winning awards and film festival entries should not be underestimated. The uplift in positive brand sentiment from a great short documentary film can be a powerful marketing tool.

Brand voice truth

Raphael Dias, Co-Founder & Film director, Square Pixel

Searching for the truth behind brand voices, audiences are more likely to consume fresh/live content than ever. This behaviour raises a challenge from both production and creative perspectives, as producers need to deliver faster while preserving high quality standards and keeping the content trend-oriented. 

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