Hugo Garvey

Brand film report image

Brand film: revealing the hidden sector

It’s hard to believe that an industry which reaches a wide audience and makes a substantial economic contribution doesn’t...
Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock: not a talking head

Talking heads: less conversation, more action

Talking heads are the staple of a lot of brand video and corporate film. They have their place, but...
EVCOM London Film Awards Winners The Edge

EVCOM London Film Awards – who won?

This year’s 2019 EVCOM London Film Awards showed off some amazing talent. There were gold awards for Polar Media,...

Sotheby’s video: how to make 370 high-quality films a year

As one of the most distinguished names in world-class art, Sotheby’s production of high-quality video is prolific. We sat...
Televisual Corporate 50 rankings

Televisual Corporate 50 rankings 2019: the big winners

Who stands out among the movers and risers in the Televisual Corporate 50 rankings in 2019?There are two main...
Brand video survey image of TV studio

The 2019 UK Brand Video Survey

Brand video needs a brand. The 2019 UK Brand Video Survey will fix that.Unlike every other sector in the...

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