The 2019 UK Brand Video Survey

For too long, brand video has been the hidden industry within the UK's cultural sector. The UK Brand Video Survey will change the game.


Brand video needs a brand. The 2019 UK Brand Video Survey will fix that.

Unlike every other sector in the UK’s TV industry, brand video struggles to tell a simple and compelling story about itself to the outside world. Data is the key to addressing this problem – and we need your help to collect it.

Our industry hasn’t been surveyed in 15 years. At the time of the last survey, its economic value was around £1 billion. Since then, the use of online video has exploded, bringing with it massive implications for corporate and brand film. Our industry is vibrant, but our narrative is out of date.

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The UK Brand Video Survey

The UK Brand Video Survey brings together industry partners EVCOM, the BFI and the Creative Industries Federation, who will integrate the anonymised data in their reports and campaigns.

Media support comes from Televisual, Communicate Magazine and Simply Communicate. Our research partner is the University of Essex, ranked among the top 25 research universities in the UK. We also have financial support from the EU’s KEEP+ programme, which encourages innovation in SMEs, and Biites, the video platform for brand storytelling.

The report will be the definitive data source for our industry. It will be seen by over 1,000 senior in-house comms professionals and over 500 heads of agencies, production companies and video platforms. So it will reach the overwhelming majority of people working in the UK brand and corporate film sector.

Why commission the survey?

Because the great work you do doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

When the last industry survey was done in 2005, New Moon’s ‘Inspiration’ won London the right to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was an outstanding piece of brand video, interweaving personal stories with an overriding narrative around London as the world centre of aspirational achievement. More to the point, the film received widespread recognition.

But since then, the brand video industry narrative has lost its way. We have a limited voice in burning issues like Brexit. There are plenty of examples of high-quality, innovative corporate films, but few have achieved the recognition that ‘Inspiration’ enjoyed.

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Why we need you

For our research to be valuable, we need as many responses as possible from brand video and corporate film professionals. Whether you work in-house, for a production company, as a partner/supplier or as a freelancer, we need you to complete the survey as soon as possible.

The survey is easy and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. You’re busy, so don’t worry –  if the phone rings your progress will be saved and you can return later. Your contribution will remain strictly confidential and all data will be anonymised for publication.

The brand video report will be published in early 2020. We will invite respondents to take part in publicity around the report, including sharing your work.

We can’t wait to get started.

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