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With offices in London, Bangalore and New York we have traveled the globe over the last ten years creating content that people want to share, talk about and follow. Some of us have worked in the industry for longer than we would care to mention. Some of us are just starting out. All of us have an editorial approach to every project which is unique and makes our work authentic. Our production partnerships in different markets allow us to film in challenging locations at short notice. Our collective experience of working at media organisations and in newsrooms means that we deliver faster than anyone else – without ever compromising our production values. This what sets up apart from competitors: our editorial ethos, our global footprint and our speed of delivery. We’re ten years old. We’ve delivered thousands of projects. On air, online and on mobile.
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Case Study 1: TABASCO 150
The brief: Quite Frankly were asked to create a 60sec ‘anthem’ film to serve as the hero piece of content announcing the 150th brand anniversary of TABASCO in a contemporary and relevant way whilst reflecting the global appeal of the product. The request was to create a story that showcased TABASCO as a brand of today that appeals to consumers around the world – and a brand of the future that is already loved by the next generation.

The idea: Our treatment ‘Diamond’ focused on the shape of the iconic TABASCO label: the one constant reference across the last 150 years of the sauce. Each scene represents a different country, iconic recipe and group of fans seeking and finding taste, adventure and invention by ‘following the diamond’.

The project: We had a total of 10 shoot days for 10 scenes and had to represent a range of different countries and authentic dishes. It was imperative that we involved dishes that genuinely use TABASCO but we could not travel to every country given time and budget constraints so we settled on four locations: LA, Louisiana, London and Tokyo.

The results: Aside from being played across TABASCO’s digital channels the film was shown at a music festival in Italy in front of 20,000 attendees and played out on big screens at London rail stations when the TABASCO 150 party came to the capital. The 30sec version of the film has so far received over 2m views on YouTube and been re-cut into a huge range of social and digital shorter edits for Instagram.


Case study 2: Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop

The brief: We were asked to join Michael Kors ambassador Kate Hudson on a field trip to Cambodia to witness how Watch Hunger Stop – the brand’s partnership with the UN’s World Food Programme – is making a difference in feeding the world’s children. All funds raised from the initiative go towards supporting a school meals programme which reaches over 16 million children annually in almost seventy countries. We were asked to create a short film that would be used on the brand’s digital and social channels to showcase the brand’s campaign to fight global hunger. 

The idea: We quickly realised that just one piece of content, plus various cut-downs, would limit us in the number of stories we would be able to tell from such a trip. Instead, we suggested a full video content strategy for Kors across broadcast, digital and social channels which involved us creating over twenty edits from the trip to Cambodia, creating a multimedia newsroom to house all assets, and working with a series of our distribution partners to get content out globally. 

The project: Our content consisted of a variety of edits ranging from 2m 30sec to 15 seconders, covering the opinions and experiences of Kate Hudson but also the school children she visited, their teachers, the school cooks, their families and local farmers. Our amplification involved media relations activity to broadcast news journalists, a global broadcast b-roll distribution, the creation of a multimedia news site at watchhungerstop.org and a paid media strategy. 

The results: A reach of over 30m across online channels, over 400k views of our lead film online and a broadcast news audience of more than 70m people. 

Case study 3: Diageo International Women’s Day

The brief: As part of Diageo’s Press for Progress initiative, the company wanted to portray the talent and perspective that women bring to the company and showcase that Diageo is a progressive, diverse corporation to work for. International Women’s Day on March 8th 2018 provided a perfect opportunity for us to publish a video series that portrayed some of the senior female employees at Diageo in a truly different, inspiring way: as human beings rather than as career women, as ambitious yet passionate.

The idea: This was not about the business woman nor the career woman – it was about their character and personality. Where did they come from? What makes them who they are? What gives them their perspective on life? What shaped them? We had to find a way to give them a safe environment to open up and talk about things that have challenged them in their lives and made them become who they are. The tone and approach had to be honest, caring and extremely intimate. 

The project: Pre-production was vital: we spent a lot of time prepping each interviewee ahead of their shoot to reassure them that our approach was not to expose or take advantage of them but instead to show them as uniquely human beings in an honest and caring way. We purposely framed our shots so that they looked very open, wide and exposed to accentuate the personal level of the interviews. 

The results: The interviewees’ feedback was remarkable: ‘a beautiful initiative’, ‘pure brilliance’, ‘terrific’, ‘so emotional’.. 


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