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Since 1991, we’ve been on a mission: to find the right idea for your particular audience. That’s meant a lot of late nights, chewed pencils, and the odd grey hair! But the hard work has resulted in some special moments for so many of our clients. Quite simply, we don’t know how to stand still. You’ll get the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to make your project special, whatever the budget. If you want your communications to be truly effective, please get in touch!
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Deloitte – Ask Yourself

‘Ask yourself…’ is a thought-provoking film that was created to support the launch of Deloitte’s respect and inclusion (R&I) action plan. The plan outlines a series of actions the firm is taking to embed an inclusive culture where all their people can thrive, develop and succeed based on their talent, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other dimension that can be used to differentiate people from one another.

Results Achieved

  • 3,600 views and 324 likes on Dplayer, Deloitte’s internal video channel in the first month – the highest level of views and engagement since the platform was introduced in January 2014
  • 134,000+ views and 748 likes on YouTube (as of 05 February 2018)
  • The YouTube link to the film has seen received over 3,300 mentions on social media (excluding Twitter) with 2,423 shares on LinkedIn and 240 on Facebook


  • GOLD – Internal Use – New York Festivals
  • GOLD – Recruitment & Induction – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • GOLD – Editing – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • SILVER – Direction – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • SILVER – Informational – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards
  • SILVER – Human Resources – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards

Film URL

The Edge, Ask Yourself film for Deloitte

Qatar Tourism Authority – The Essence of Qatar

Qatar Tourism Authority’s role is to showcase the country’s unique cultural heritage and exhilarating tourist attractions, exposing Qatar globally as a world-class hub with deep cultural roots.

Distinctively different, with a strong sense of cinematic artistry, Qatar’s first ever ‘destination brand’ film needed to reveal to the discerning traveller ‘The Essence of Qatar’, by capturing the country’s warmth of soul and spirit of vision.

By introducing Qatar’s destination brand in this way, the aim and objective was to expose Qatar to a broad international audience, so helping establish Qatar amongst the world’s top premium destinations.

Results Achieved

  • The film premiered at the World Travel Market in London, the most highly attended global expo for all-things tourism. This helped mark the beginning of a journey towards achieving the Qatari 2030 National Vision.
  • Qatar Tourism Authority also posted the film on their Youtube and Facebook channels, and as of Feb 5th 2018, they have accumulated 355,000 views.


  • GOLD – Event Venue – New York Festivals
  • GOLD – Direction – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • BRONZE – Music – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards
  • SILVER – Tourism – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards

Film URL

The Edge, Qatar Tourism Authority film

Network Rail  – Crossing Over

Olivia Bazlinton and Charlotte Thompson, both 14, were killed at a level crossing in Essex, UK. Olivia’s mother – Tina Hughes MBE became Network Rail’s Level Crossing User Champion in 2011 and now works on behalf of Network Rail to help promote safety at Level Crossings.  This campaign was born from Tina’s story.

Network Rail is the authority responsible for the United Kingdom’s railway network and are accountable for some of the 6,300 level crossings across the UK. The aim of ‘Crossing Over’ was to educate and inform senior aged school children between the ages of 12 and 18, about the dangers they could face due to accidental or deliberate violations at level crossings.

Results Achieved

We proposed a social media strategy with Network Rail, to connect with our audience through key channels – Facebook & YouTube which our audience regularly tap into. By releasing the ‘Crossing Over’ film on Network Rails social media channels, it also boosted the overall impact of their ‘Level Crossings’ campaign and created a viral effect. ‘Crossing Over’ achieved 610,000 views on Facebook and 148,015 views on YouTube. Due to what the ‘Crossing Over’ film represents, it also featured on the ITV Breakfast show and national press.


  • SILVER – Direction – New York Festivals
  • BRONZE – Public Information – New York Festivals
  • BRONZE – Writing – New York Festivals
  • BRONZE – Health & Safety – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • GOLD – Informational – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards
  • SILVER – Fundraising, Non-Profit, CSR – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards

Film URL

The Edge, Crossing Over film for Network Rail

National Crime Agency – Cyber Choices

Teenage cybercrime has become one of the greatest threats to national security, and at present there are over 5,500 organised crime groups impacting on the UK.

More and more teenagers are getting involved in cybercrime, without actually realising the consequences their actions might bring. To help counter this on-going threat, the National Crime Agency commissioned the ‘’Cyber Choices’’ film. The aim of the film was to raise awareness of this growing issue, especially amongst parents.

Results Achieved

‘Cyber Choices’ featured on broadcast television and radio stations such as BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, BBC Five Live, Sky Sunrise, BBC Scotland, The One Show, BBC Radio London and Radio 1. An overwhelming majority of coverage surrounding the ‘Cyber Choices’ campaign was extremely positive. Two balanced items featured on LBC News which has an overall potential of 94,332 people. The spokesperson of the Cyber Crime film Richard Jones (Prevent Operational Team Manager) gained 104 mentions, which represented almost two-thirds of coverage to a potential reach of over 40 million people.

The film also reached 50+ regional publications, with the likes of BBC  News Online, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, The Mirror, Yahoo News, Daily Star and Scotsman. ‘Cyber Choices’ was also posted on the National Crime Agencies YouTube and Facebook channels. Within the first week Facebook reached 200,000 views and YouTube reached 40,000 views.


  • SILVER – Writing –  New York Festivals
  • SILVER – Society & Social Issues – New York Festivals
  • GOLD – Script – EVCOM Screen Awards
  • SILVER – Informational – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards
  • BLACK DOLPHIN CRAFT AWARD – Best Script – Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards

Film URL

The Edge, Cyber Choices film for National Crime Agency


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