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Address: 42 Western Elms Avenue Reading RG30 2AN
Headline: We produce relevant, intelligent and vital communications that have real meaning for your audience. Because we don’t have the overheads that some companies do, you’ll see the value and quality in the end product.
Full business description: We’re an award winning visual communications company that recognise people don’t stop being critical viewers or human beings the moment they walk into the workplace. Whatever its context, any communication is about engaging with and tapping into people’s humanity so they really get the point. Any communication has to feel vital in terms of its relevance, its learning, its message, its information; but also vital in terms of the renewed energy, drive and clarity it gives to the audience – whether that’s to learn something new, to take action, to do more or less of something, or to do it differently. To achieve this you need to understand your target audience: who they are, what they know, what they need to know, their attitudes and belief systems. What’s likely to engage them? What’s going to turn them off or patronise them? What’s in it for them? And at Zing that’s what we’re experts in. The result of this is that we produce creative programmes that people, given the choice, would actually want to watch. Whether you’re an experienced commissioner or new to the world of visual communications, we’ll make the whole process easy for you. It’s part of why we’ve become a trusted long term partner for small and large brands, winning multiple awards across the globe.
Contact name: Sarah Beadsmoore
Year founded: 2007

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