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Specialists in education

EdComs have a clear perspective on the value of moving images in comms because, in one sense, they are not a video agency. They’re a communications and marketing agency specialising in education. So when they say video in education has come of age, it’s worth hearing why.

That’s not to say the EdComs team are not video experts – far from it. Their substantial awards haul, culminating in the Grand Prix at the EVCOM Industry Awards, demonstrates their skill in integrating video into educational campaigns.

not only has EdComs swept the board in pure numbers of evcom awards, but the impact of their projects has had a remarkable cumulative impact for good.’ – evcom industry awards judges

Video is increasingly the leading element in the briefs EdComs receives and the work they deliver. Classrooms are almost universally equipped with the kit to show video and audio and the teachers who know how to use it. Crucially, students and teachers alike expect it to be central to the activity.

EdComs provides research, development, content creation, marketing and evaluation of projects aimed at young people, teachers, parents and families. Martin Finn, EdComs MD, says everything they produced when they started in 1995 was print. Now, lessons are more likely to be video-led, especially if they’re on sensitive subjects.

The client base changed radically in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election. 50% of EdComs revenue in January was from government and by the year end that had evaporated. In parallel, government told industry it needed to find its future workforce instead of waiting for the education system to produce young people with the right skills. The result is that 90% of EdComs revenue now comes from the private sector.

Brands and education

Sitting at the interface between education and industry, EdComs works for brands who want to show they are true to their values. The agency relies on a database of over 3,000 teachers who help design effective campaigns. It has developed an Education Influencer Index of bloggers and vloggers who amplify earned media results.

A film team of four headed by Catherine Peters is supplemented by freelancers and external suppliers with specialist skills in video and graphics. Typically they work on about 8 projects at any one time. In-house team members combine knowledge of education and learning with skills in film storytelling and project management.

The EdComs film business has grown its revenue every year. While Brexit has created an uncertainty with start dates for some projects, both Finn and Peters expect the film business to continue growing.

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EdComs video agency profile
Catherine Peters and Martin Finn at the EdComs office in London
EdComs filming Get Set for Community Action
EdComs filming Get Set for Community Action