How to measure the success of your video content

Nick Hajdu's checklist for finding out what works


As brands, we are now creating vastly more content than ever before. It’s expensive and resource heavy. So how should you measure video content?

The constant struggle for brands to be ‘Always On’ (a flawed concept in our opinion, but that’s a subject for another article!) is creating hugely over-stressed content marketing managers, desperately fighting the content challenges set by simply keeping up with the competition, battling to be front of mind in their audience’s already overloaded social networks and, not to mention, the requests of management teams to create more, more, more…

If we’re going to be creating so much content, then the pressure is now greater than ever to really understand if that content is truly working for us.

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know to understand if your content is succeeding.

1) Goals

No, I’m not talking about “I want to win an award at Cannes”.

These need to be SMART goals that tie in with very clear business objectives. The point is to have goals, to measure video content that supports them, and review them after the content has gone live.

2) Awareness

Most commonly measured by volume of people that have seen the content.

But beware the lure of ‘I want a million views’.

Yes, broad awareness may be one of your objectives (in which case consider the version and platform being used) but a high quality audience should be seen as of far greater importance than an audience of large volume.

3) Engagement

Engagement is measured most simply by the percentage of our content that our audience are prepared to sit through. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to want to follow us along the user journey we’ve set for them.

4) Action

Now that we’ve worked so hard to get our audience in front of our content, what is it that we want them to do next?

It’s all about the importance of the second click. Measure exactly what the audience has clicked on, encouraging them to interact further with the brand after having watching the video itself. This could be a Like (or Dislike), a Share, a Comment or a Subscribe! or Buy Now!

5) Evolve

There’s no guaranteed way to create and measure video content. Every piece of video is different, every audience is different and every business goal is different. Feedback results. Learn, analyse and evolve your content to incorporate what you’ve learned from previous content.

How to measure video content - Nick Hajdu of Navigate VideoNick Hajdu is Co-Founder of Navigate Video.



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